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KB User's Guide - General Info - Site-Level Vs. Document-Level Feedback

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This document describes the difference between site-level and document-level feedback forms available to end users, including how related notifications are routed.

For every KB site, there are two ways our main feedback forms can be submitted—in association with a specific KB document, and general to the site in question. This specifically applies to both our "Doc Suggestion" form and to our "Comment" form. Whether the feedback is associated with a specific KB document affects the routing of the subsequent notification.

Site-Level Feedback

Feedback submitted to a site-level Doc Suggestion or Comment form is routed to the Group notification email. This contact address can be set or changed by going to SitePref > Notifications > Email Addresses.

Site-Level Doc Suggestion

The site-level Doc Suggestion form can be accessed by end users in two primary ways:

  • When typing keywords in search form, a predictive result count will appear just above the search bar. If no matches are predicted, a "Suggest a document" link will appear here.

    search term with no matching content and a link to suggest a document

  • When a search is submitted, the default message that appears below the search results (or simply on the page if no results were found) will contain a link to "Suggest a new document be created".

    kb live site search results with suggest a new document message at the bottom

If desired, you may also add a link directly to the site-level Doc Suggestion form by adding one to a Side Module, to the Site Footer, etc. by adding a link to feedback.php?action=2&help=suggest. The resulting URL will be something like

Site-Level Comment

By default, a link to the site-level Comment form is not made visible on a KB site. However, one can be added to a Side Module, to the Site Footer, etc. if desired.

To generate this link, simply add a link to feedback.php. The resulting URL will be something like

Document-Level Feedback

Feedback submitted to a document-level Doc Suggestion or Comment form is routed based on the Document Feedback notification rules. These rules can be set or changed by going to SitePref > Notifications > Document Feedback.

Both of these forms can be accessed by an end user when viewing a document by clicking the Comment or Suggest a new document buttons in the feedback bar at the bottom of the page.

Helpfulness rating feedback as seen on the bottom of a kb live site document

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