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KB User's Guide - KB Site Administrator Responsibilities

Each KB Site has a designated administrator (admin). These are their responsibilities:
  • Configure their site to best meet the needs of their users
  • Attend KB Advisory Meeting (optional)
  • Attend (optional) KB User Group support meetings (e.g. Annual User Group Meeting and Monthly KB Cafe where authors meet with KB Team and other authors and work on documents together).
  • Monitor KB Admin WiscList (shouldn't receive more than a handful of emails a month from this list)
  • Add and remove users from their site, please see KB User's Guide - Users Tab - Adding a User.
  • Transfer documents to active users when users are removed from site (i.e. retirements, job changes), please see KB User's Guide - Users Tab - Batch Transfer Document Ownership.
  • Train new users/document authors (help available if needed), please see KB Author Training - Overview.
  • Communicate changes to their site users and document authors.
  • Serve as tier 1 support for their site users and document authors.
  • Communicate questions, enhancement requests, and problems back to the KB Team.
  • Monitor document status to ensure that documents are reviewed in a timely manner and that content is kept up-to-date, please see KB User's Guide - Settings Tab - Notification Settings

KB Site Administrators are welcome to contact kb-team@lists.wisc for help and support completing these and any other tasks.

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