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KB User's Guide - Users Tab - Updating a User's Default KB Group Space via the Users Tab

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You must have full administrative permissions in your space to perform these steps. This means access to the Documents, Settings, and Users tabs.

This document demonstrate how Group Space Admin, who has access to the Users Tab, can update the Default Group Space of a user in their own Group Space. Use Case : A KB Admin from Group Space A grants access to an user who still has access to Group Space B from a previous employment. Group Space B is currently that User's default KB space.

Update Default Group Space

  1. In the KB Admin Tools, go to the Users Tab and click on the Change Default Group Space link on the left navigation bar.

  2. The Default Group Space screen will show a dropdown menu. The KB Group Admin will click on that dropdown and see a list of KB Group spaces. Select the appropriate Group Space.

    The Change User Default Group Space screen.

  3. Once the desired Group Space is selected, names will appear with a check box in the Select? column at the far right. Click that check box.

    A group has been selected from the dropdown. There is one user listed in the results table. The checkbox in the far right column titled Select? is circled in red.

  4. Click on the Submit button to save your work.

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