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KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Manually Sending Review Reminders

This document explains how to send Review Reminders to document owners outside of the normal review period.

Active documentation needs to be occasionally reviewed for continued validity. If a new product or service is rolled out, or a major operational change takes place, then several document owners may need to review and edit their documentation to keep it current.

This function allows primary KB administrators to send review reminders to document owners earlier than the existing notification period for Monthly Document Review Reminders. Please note that you must have KB Publish rights in order to send review reminders using the method described here.

  1. In the KB Admin Tools, go to the Documents tab, then click on the Review Reminder link in the left-side navigation.

    Screenshot of the Review Reminder form in the KB Admin Tools

  2. Set the first two dropdowns as desired to control who will receive a Review Reminder:

    • Document age: Filters the list of target documents based on the length of time since the doc was last reviewed. This field defaults to Any Age and has a range of 1 week and older to 52 weeks and older.
    • Document owner: Filters recipients to a particular document owner.

    For example, if Document age is set to "20 weeks and older", and Document owner is set to "All owners," a Review Reminder email will be sent to each document owner with a list of documents they own in that KB group that have not been reviewed in more than 20 weeks.

  3. Enter a Cc: and/or Bcc: email address as desired. These fields allow multiple email addresses (separated by commas).

  4. Click the Send Review Reminder button, then click OK in the confirmation dialog that appears.

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