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Proctorio Troubleshooting

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Your course will contain a link to two resources that may be helpful as you prepare to take your exam in Proctorio.

First, you will see a document entitled "Taking an Exam with Proctorio." Within that document, there will be a link to the "Proctorio Test Taker's Handbook." These documents may help you with setting up and troubleshooting any issue you encounter.

Click each option below to learn more.

Clearing Your Cache

Check out our walkthrough on how to clear your cache in your preferred browser.

Check Your Internet Speed

It is always a good idea to have the fastest, most secure internet connection possible when you take an online exam. If possible, use an ethernet cable to plug directly into your router. Regardless of whether you connect to the internet via wi-fi or through an ethernet cable, it is a good idea to perform an internet speed test before taking your exam.

Proctorio Speed Test offers a helful speed test as well as guidelines for what your internet speed should be. Click the link and look for "Upload" and "Download" speed guidelines.

System Requirements

It is a good idea to confirm that your computer and browser meet the system requirements that will allow Proctorio to run best. Check out the Proctorio System Requirements page for more information.

Third-Party Site Exams

If this test uses Proctorio with a third-party site like MyLabsPlus, you may also want to confirm that your Canvas session has not expired. Confirm that you are logged into Canvas in another tab in Chrome. This may be a good time to make sure you have no other tabs or applications running in the background. You'll only want to have Canvas and (if applicable) the site in which you are taking the exam running. Check out our document on MyLab Math Exam Help for more information.

Getting Help During an Exam

Proctorio Support may be able to assist you if you encounter issues during your exam or as you try to access it. Click the shield icon in your browser, then click "Live Chat" to be connected to Proctorio Support, who will be able to help you in real time.

Proctorio Chat Location

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