Skills Forward Badgr and Micro-credential Information

What are micro-credentials?

Micro-credentials are competencies or skills-based awards that allow a learner to demonstrate mastery and learning in a particular subject, often of relevance to current and potential employers. A micro-credential is a subset of learning outcomes smaller than a degree or certificate. As opposed to diplomas or transcripts, badges issued to learners indicate mastery of a micro-credential.

What is Badgr?

Badgr is a suite of digital credentialing tools used to create, issue, share, and store digital badges (also called micro-credentials, digital credentials, etc.). Originally a third-party tool, Badgr is now owned by Instructure (the makers of Canvas) and can be integrated directly into Canvas. Digital badges highlight skills learners attained through various learning modalities and experiences. They can share these bad on social media websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to display achievements to future employers. Learners can also post their achievements to their LinkedIn profile via Badgr.

What can I do with my badge?

One of the advantages of Badgr is that you can share your accomplishments on various Open Badges compliant websites, including, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Sharing your badges is a great way to be recognized for an achievement or connect with other people interested in similar badging topics.

In Badgr, you can share single badges or badge collections with users, websites, or social media. Badge collections allow you to curate a selection of appropriate badges to share with a particular audience.

For a deeper dive into badge-sharing options, please refer to Sharing badges from Badgr.

How do I know if I earned a badge?

Within your course, click the Badges section. This is where you can see the badge available through the course and whether or not you have earned it yet.

click on Badges section in Canvas menu

Note that, even after you have mastered all assessments, the badge will not be issued until your instructor manually enters a final grade.

How do I access my badge?

To access your badge, you must create a Badgr account. The steps below show how to do this from a web browser. You can follow similar steps by clicking a link from a badge award email you will receive the first time you earn a badge from Badgr.

  1. Open two browser tabs. In one of them, navigate to and click the Create Account option on the upper right-hand side of the screen.

  2. navigate to

  3. In the other browser tab, log in to Canvas and click Account -> Settings.

  4. in Canvas click Account and then Settings

  5. Under Ways to Contact, find and copy your primary email address. This is the address with a star located to the right.

  6. copy primary email address

  7. Go back to the browser tab with your Badgr account and enter your primary Canvas email address.

  8. paste primary email address in Badgr

  9. Enter the verification code sent to your email address.

  10. enter verification code sent to email address

  11. Click the Backpack button in the top menu. Badgr will display your newly acquired badge. You can now share your badge on social media or push it to your LinkedIn profile.

  12. click backpack button in top menu

What if I already have a Badgr account?

If you already have a Badgr account not associated with your primary email address in Canvas, you will need to merge your accounts.

  1. Pick which Badgr account you want to be your primary account that holds all your micro-credentials.
  2. Reach out to Badgr support via email ( to help you merge your accounts so that all of your badges appear in one place.

How do I know what I need to do to earn a badge?

At the start of every course, you'll find a Start Here section. Within this section, click Welcome to the Course!

click on welcome to the course link

Open the Course Details (Badging, Grading, & Suggested Timeline) section and scroll down to Credentialing Assessments. Here you will find details about how many assessments the course includes and what score you must earn to achieve mastery.

view credentialing assessments rubric

How do I get help?

If you run into any technical problems, please contact UW Extended Campus Technical Support by visiting our tech support website, which includes information on tech support hours and methods of contact.

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